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42 Pireos Street 10437 Greece
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Athens Odeon Hotel

Get to the Athens Odeon Hotel and walk around Athens is easy and simple. There are many options for our guests. Specifically:


All Athens taxis are yellow and fitted with taximeters, which taxi drivers are obliged to start immediately when you get into the car. Fare 1 applies between 05:00-24:00 and fare 2 applies between 24:00-05:00.


You must use the Omonia Metro Station to come to Athens Odeon Hotel. From there you can walk to Piraeus Street. Athens Metro website:

City Buses:

There is a complete route schedule covering the entire city of Athens. Take the Odeon bus station to come to Athens Odeon Hotel. Athens Urban Transport Organization website:


The tram network connects the centre of Athens (Syntagma Square) with the southern suburbs. Tram SA website:

Suburban railway:

Athens – International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” (7 stops)
Athens – Corinth (84 km in the west of Athens – 7 stops)
Corinth – Hiato (24 km)
Corinth - International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” (11 stops)
Website of Suburban railway: